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Estimates are always free and no appointment is necessary.


Walk-ins welcome or call 918-663-3210

Guitar & Amplifier Repair Services:

  • Full setup and intonation 

  • Nut replacement

  • Pickup swaps 

  • Electronics troubleshooting and replacement (pots, switches, input jacks, etc.)

  • Restringing (with no full setup)

  • Neck/Action adjustments

  • Strap button installation 

  • Saddle and bridge adjustments 

  • Some finish work

  • Amplifier retubing & bias

  • Amplifier tube testing

  • Amplifier diagnosis and repair

  • Guitar Pedal diagnosis and repair

  • (Call for most current rates and for a quote on your instrument - best prices in town)

Band & Orchestra Repair Services: 

  • Full woodwind re-pads on the full woodwind family

  • Re-corking woodwinds

  • Repairing cracks in woodwinds

  • Cleaning, Buffing and polishing

  • Brass chem cleans (we use a safe chem bath on our chem cleans)

  • Rolling dents 

  • Replacing broken parts, valve caps, water keys, etc. 

  • Re-soldering slides

  • Restringing violins

  • Replacing parts on orchestral instruments

  • Fixing structural damage on orchestral instruments

  • Advice on proper care of your instrument 

  • (Call for most current rates and for a quote on your instrument - best prices in town)


From the beginning of operations in 1985, Tulsa Band has been offering world-class band & orchestra instrument repair services.


Whether you need basic cleaning or a complete overhaul, our technicians are well trained to meet your needs.


For current rates on a wide myriad of services, please call us at 918-663-3210.


Or you can email us at

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