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Flexible & Affordable Instrument Rentals

Music Class
  • Contracts start at $24 per month!

  • Just pay the first payment to take home an instrument

  • Name brands, that are band director & school approved

  • All accessories and books on site

  • Used instruments available (while supplies last)​

  • 100% of payments go toward the purchase price.

  • Maintenance coverage is optional for an additional $4

  • Return the instrument after 3-months with no penalty!

  • Use your rental credit toward a step-up instrument.

Recommended Instruments for Rent-to-Own:

**Some of our competitors may have similar rental rates, however the overall contract prices can vary significantly depending on make, model and condition. Don't overpay! Call us or use our chat feature online to have any of your questions answered. 918-663-3210

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