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Although Tom Crown positions this as an orchestral mute, this is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a bright and sassy straight mute with excellent response, great intonation and very little resistance. Great for the pit, big band, or any other application, when one is looking for plenty of bang-for-the-buck!

The copper bottom gives this version a warmer, fuller sound.

To quote Tom Crown:

After extensive design, development and testing in the secret sordino cellars of the Tom Crown Mute Co. we are happy to introduce the new Gemini straight mute, endorsed by the trumpet section of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the trumpet section of the Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra, Andrea Lucchi and Omar Tomasoni of the Orchestra Santa Cecilia, Rome and Alexis Demailly of the Paris Opera Orchestra. The Gemini is a twin to the classic Tom Crown straight mute, but slightly larger, and with differences in tone color and response. It is in our estimation the ideal orchestral metal straight mute.

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